Attack of The Mary-Sues H
Buffy and the Scoobies face a new kind of threat. Set between Seasons 6 and 7.

Why We Fight
Takes place during 'The Gift' - Season 5. Different POVs during the fight with Glory.

Conversations with the Scoobies H
Post-Showtime - The Slayers-in-training learn a bit about Spike.

Scenes We Didn't Get To See C
Missing scenes from early Season 7 - How Spike came to live with Xander, A memorial for Tara, and Spike and Xander living together.

Spike's Thoughts In Dairy Form C
Basically, I misread a summary that said Diary Form and decided to write Crazy Spike's Thoughts in Dairy Form.

Down On The Farm H
Buffy visits Riley on the farm, but all doesn't go well.

The Souvenir and The Seed
The Souvenir - When does Spike start to fall in love with Buffy? Spike's POV. The Seed - Why does Spike fall in love with Buffy? Drusilla's POV.

Ten Minutes Past The Hour C
An hour by hour look
at one day in Sunnydale. Takes place after 'What's My Line'.

Mary-Sues In Training H
Mid-Season 7 - a couple of Mary-Sues join the fight against the First Evil.

Spike's Not-Quite-Evil Night H
Spike spends a night being not quite evil.

This Could Be The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship R
My version of how I'd like the show to end (with shameless stealing from 'Casablanca')

An Open Door C
Spike and Dawn have a conversation - set after LmPtm

A Demon's Deal T
Spike comes back wrong. A story told from Buffy's POV in 5 chapters.

Rising From Our Dust
Alternative 12-part Season 7 in script format.

Because It's Wrong S
Buffy is dealing with the consequences of Faith taking over her body when Spike confronts her.

Mirror T
Season 6 AU / 10 chapters. Tara discovers there is something wrong with Buffy. Post 'Dead Things' .

Deadly Memories (prequel to Xander Harris: Carpenter Extraordinaire) T
Future-Xander, haunted by the past, must save the world.

Xander Harris: Carpenter Extraordinaire
Set in the future AU - Xander takes on a case to rescue a young girl.

Facing Death (sequel to Xander Harris: Carpenter Extraordinaire) T
Xander must confront an old enemy. Set in the future.

Spike loses his memory. Set in Season 6.

A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing
H / Sl
Draco hits his head and wakes up in a world where he's a Gryffindor and Harry is a Slytherin.


The Els of Krypton H
AU - Jor-El, Lara, and Kal-El all come to earth and live in the Arctic.  The time has come, however, for Kal-El to find a mate.
The Farmer in Jor-El H
Sequel to The Els of Krypton.  Jor-El, Lara, and Kal-El are now living in Smallville when Jor-El discovers something disturbing about his son.
Supergayboy H
Lex has a secret identity as Supergayboy.  Clark knows it must really be an evil plan and is determined to find out what it is.

Tangled Webs H / Sl
Clark decides to leave earth.  Lex decides he doesn't want him to.  They lie and lie and lie.


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